I am a professional photographer Deivaras Kaleininkas. I work worldwide with private clients, media and event organizers.

Photography is not only the illustration of life to me; it is also an addition to the memory. It is a moment, to which you repeatedly return if you have it. When I take pictures of people, I try to capture the moment as it is, the moment you want to return to again and again.

If you need me, I will be available where You and Your celebration is held. My aim is to make original pictures of high quality, to capture real and sincere moment. I provide the following photo services:

Wedding. Since morning preparations to the applause after your first dance – I will capture the moments which are valuable for you. Wedding pictures are those pictures that will travel around the hands of your friends and relatives after one of the greatest celebrations of your life. You will give more than one photo as a gift to your cousins, your picture will take an honorable place on the bureau of your grandma or grandpa, will be placed on the walls of your parents’ house, so give a change to actually admire these photos. Choose the right wedding photographer, who will perform his/her work professionally and flawlessly.

Personal photo-shoot. Very frequently, when we visit our friends, we notice that the walls in their home are decorated with personal and family pictures; our eyes are caught by profile photos in social networks; we pay attention to the portraits of people on magazine covers. The pictures are where they are because the photograph did his/her job well and these photos are pleasant to look at. Personal photo-shoots are not expensive, and you deserved to renew your album; you never know when you will have to add a photo to your resume to potential employers or when a stranger will ask for a photograph before your first date.

Christening. I remember well the christening of my child. When I show him the pictures of this event now when he is older, I watch him smiling as he sees himself much younger during a very beautiful celebration. Christening is one of the most meaningful and noble celebrations, yet most of the parents do not think of christening photograph; they think that they will make photos themselves or it will be taken by their friends. Unfortunately, parents forget to do that during this joyful celebration or do not simply have time for it as well as other friends or relatives. Everyone wants to watch this special process. Yet the parents want to show their grown up child how his/her head was poured with holy water on his/her head from the golden pitcher, how did the guests of the celebration, the church and its environment looked like. Christening photograph is necessary in order to help saving these beautiful moments.

Occasion photography. Frequently, I have to take photos of parties, bachelorette and bachelor parties as well as birthdays of both adults and children. My friends often decide to capture their jolliest youthful celebrations. A lot of event organizers now suggest various ideas to celebrate bachelorette and bachelor parties and these celebrations usually are very thoughtful and fun, so it is important to hire a photographer, who would capture it. It has been the habit to look at the photos of youth in a gathering of friends since the old times. Wouldn’t it be nice to relive the moments of your celebrations again?

I work in different kinds of events as well, including work with media and taking photos in many other television projects, campaigns and other events. These photos are frequently viewed by tens of thousands of portal readers, so the work must be performed especially thoroughly and responsibly. I am glad that my clients appreciate me and continue hiring me, and I can capture cheerful and beautiful emotions and reveal the true mood and idea of the event.


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